BU.G.S. 2nd project meeting in Ljubljana: opening to local stekholders and EU best practices

BU.G.S. partners will meet in Ljubljana next 18th and 19th of June to discuss about first achievements of the project. Indeed in this occasion the BU.G.S. data mining analysis software will be presented by Ecipa, the partner responsible for its development, as well as the results of and the methodology used for the data analysis in the four countries involved. Three working groups will be also organised in the first day afternoon to discuss about the capitalization in each country of WP2 and WP3 tools and results.

The second day of the project meeting will open the doors to external actors and stakeholders. A representative of the Jožef Stefan Institute of Ljubljana will present the Emilie project, co-financed by the European MED Program 2007-2013 and focusing on the Initiatives Leading SMEs to Innovation in building Energy efficiency technologies. Moreover, a round table will be organised involving some Slovenian SMEs to present them the BU.G.S. project and its goals and then collect their feedback about the project and their expectations.

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