Discover the new BU.G.S. Platform!

The BU.G.S. Platform is a tool supporting sector trainers and job market actors to strengthen green skills development in the construction sector.

How does it work?

The Platform will offer several opportunities to enhance green skills development in the region:

1) A Data mining analysis software helps to identify and describe green skills gaps in the building construction sector through the analysis of relevant institutional data and company figures at regional and European level.

2) The Methodology for the development of tailored professional training pathways for green re/up-skilling, responding to the gaps of people with low, intermediate and high skilled profiles.

3) A Live chat to support trainers and any other potential user of the Platform.

A manual and an explanatory note of the information contained in the Platform are also available inside once registered.

 Who is it for?

The users of the Platform are companies in the construction field and their associations, trainers and public bodies, that will find tools and information needed to detect green skills gaps and bottlenecks in the job market to then stimulate professional growth, job opportunities and company competitiveness. More specifically, decision makers, professional trainers, VET providers and training centers, employment offices, workers, entrepreneurs, unemployed people and job seekers, social partners will have the chance to use the innovative tool.

What are the opportunities for the users?

The Platform offers – upon registration of the user – specific functionalities for the different typologies of users identified:

  • companies of the building sector: possibility to insert its own data and to receive a report on green skills gaps compared to those available in the region and at European level;
  • associations representing companies of the building sector: opportunity to monitor data in the belonging region, to insert data of one or more companies and to obtain a general evaluation on the green skills gaps compared to the European situation in order to define the training needs of the sector;
  • trainers and professional training centres: opportunity to identify the green skills gaps to develop appropriate training pathways to solve sector challenges;
  • public bodies: opportunity to know data related to a specific region and compare them with those at national level and of other countries in order to identify green skills gaps and consequently the most adequate measures to solve them.

Register for free to the Platform from the homepage of the website!