First analysis results on good practices in filling green skills gaps

An interesting and well detailed synoptic report on the good practices in filling green skills gaps has been produced within the BU.G.S. project thanks to the strong commitment of the partner European Centre for Renewable Energy (EEE).

To allow the achievement of this project output, an education baseline (EB) has been determined and the requirements of green building standards have been identified. What has emerged from the analysis of the EB is that the density of green skills contents is higher in the VET paths related to the physical building construction, because in this group there is a higher number of individual professions, whereas in the other groups (HVAC, electricity, maintenance etc.) less green contents are reported because of their focus on specific practices. This can be stated both for the secondary and the post-secondary VET in all project countries.

Concerning the green building standards, each partner country has already enacted minimum standards for heat consumption of residential buildings and for non-residential buildings. However, the values are very different from country to country because of their specific geographical conditions; also the form of the building could influence consumption standards.

Based on those premises, the analysis of good practices conducted by EEE has underlined that there is good (and less good) practice to find in each partner country’s VET sample. In some cases the good practice is punctiform, in other cases more complex and elaborated. Furthermore, it should be considered that VET institutes are mostly embedded in their national framework of regulations and education demands. It appears also that smaller institutes can act more independently from institutional frameworks than bigger ones.

More detailed information on energy standards for advanced green buildings certification, the green building funds and the identified VET best practices are contained in the document that will be soon available on this website.