Launch of the pilot phase in Italy!

Employees Listening to Presentation --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

On December 9th the pilot phase for testing the training modules developed by BU.G.S. partners will start in the Veneto region. Coordinated by the project lead partner, Ecipa Veneto, the starting point is the organisation of a training for trainers to present them the developed methodologies and the great potential of the BU.G.S. model as well as the BU.G.S. web platform and live chat. The training will be realised in two days (4 hours each) and will involve 10 trainers selected by CNA Padova. The following step of the pilot phase will be the training of a sample of indirect target (workers with high, intermediate or low skilled profile) to test the results of the “training the trainers” activity and the impact on the job potential of involved trainees.